axle 2012 rev.8 Ships

Axle gearaxle 2012 rev.8 is now shipping – it’s the latest version of our software which includes an elegant pop-up browser panel showing progress on transcodes and other processes, as well as significant performance and scalability enhancements.

As you may have heard, our new Gear appliance also won Digital Video Magazine’s Black Diamond award for a best product of NAB. axle Gear (description here) combines our media management software, Telestream’s transcoding capabilities, and two of Apple’s quad-core Mac mini systems in a $6,995, 1U package that actually makes media management and repurposing plug-and-play for the first time.

In part because of the word of mouth about our products, Patrice and I were interviewed by a number of video crews and bloggers on the show floor.  One of the best was the one done by Kanen Flowers and his team from That Post Show – in 5 1/2 minutes, it combines some helpful Q&A as well as a basic demo highlighting some of the best features of rev.8 and Gear. It even gives you a sense of the traffic level at our booth… we had 550-plus visitors over the 4 days.

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