axle’s radically simple MAM makes UK debut

BVE logoUK debut of axle’s radically simple MAM at Jigsaw24 BVE stand

Affordable system allows “right-sizing” of shared storage for postproduction teams

London, February 26th – This annual event, held for 2013 at the ExCel exhibition centre, is the first-ever UK showing of axle Video’s revolutionary media asset management system.  Jigsaw24, the leading UK reseller of systems and software for the creative industries, is highlighting axle’s software at their exhibit, stand F33.  BVE is the UK’s leading trade show for broadcast production.

Jigsaw24“We’re delighted to see such visible support from our local partner Jigsaw24, as well as the strong response of postproduction and creative teams to date throughout the UK” said Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle.  “We hope that customers who are considering shared storage purchases take a few moments to join us at the stand and see how axle enables ‘right-sizing’ of storage purchase decisions, as well as improved teamwork.”

The demonstration shows axle’s uniquely affordable software managing several levels of tiered storage from Jigsaw’s partners, including:

1) Fusion I/O SSD storage
2) LaCie 5big Thunderbolt and NAS storage
3) SGI high-density rackmount NAS storage
4) Spectralogic T120 LTO-6 tape library

The key benefit of the axle solution is that it allows easy searchability and reuse of assets across various speeds and capacities of storage.  In recent years, diverse and powerful networked hardware options have emerged at a number of price points, from under £2,000 for 20 terabytes (the LaCie units) to over £50,000 for hundreds of Terabytes (the SGI and Spectralogic units).

At £850.00 for each 5 users ( £1,254.00 including VAT and first year support and upgrades), axle is an affordable complement to these storage options, and utilizes a quad-core Mac mini system from Apple as the server for its cross-platform browser front end.  Any iPad, Windows PC or Mac laptop can be used to browse and search the axle system, from locally connected or remote locations.

In the past, postproduction teams often had to purchase large amounts of expensive replacement SAN storage, simply because it was too complex to migrate and then find media on new tiers of storage such as NAS or LTO tape.  With axle, it’s now possible to optimize the amount of storage at each tier, a process the company refers to as “right-sizing”.  Dramatic cost savings and workflow efficiencies are made possible by right-sizing as SANs can be expanded and enhanced rather than replaced.

axle gives each postproduction team the ability to search, annotate, review and approve their media files across several tiers of storage.  It does so by creating low-resolution streaming H.264 proxy files, and providing a browser user interface for iPads and PC and Mac laptops.  In this way, all users in a production team can search their media, as well as contribute shot selects, annotations and metadata for those media.  They do not need direct or realtime access to the high-resolution video files, which can be migrated off to any tier of storage connected to the axle system.

In addition to the Jigsaw24 stand, axle is also being demonstrated on the BVE stands of partners:

Object Matrix (K12) and Polar Graphics/Tyrell (E32).

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